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New Zlin Z143lsi For Sale! adid = 21211

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Larger aircraft, For Sale | ZLIN AIRCRAFT, ZLIN Z 143LSi | inquire

Brand new multipurpose (basic training/sport/aerobatic/leisure/towing) single engine 4-seater acft powered by Lycoming IO-540-C4D5, MTV-9-B/195-45 propeller, of 855 kg/1885 lbs weight. Unmatched maneuverability, excellent robust structure of fuselage and landing gear providing added safety for rough airfields or heavy landings thus saving high costs of repairs, all metal structure and surface withstanding sever climate conditions, no UV radiation impact, easy to maintain/repair, regular 100hrs maintenance checks with no expensive overhaul repairs providing almost unlimited life time. Red fabrics to match the painting. Red with golden stripes. VFR Training - can be rebuilt to IFR on customer?s request. Price is preliminary. Aircraft is located in the Czech Republic.
Send zlin aircraft a Secure Message. Contact Details tel.: +420725266711, Ask a Question

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