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Learn To Fly A Hawker Hunter, Fast Jet Training adid = 21241

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Light Aircraft, Clubs & training | Hawker, Hunter | aprx ?3500 per sortie

Hunter Flight Academy

Ever dreamt of flying a high powered fighter jet? As a PPL this is now possible in the UK.

Learn to fly the beautiful Hawker Hunter WV318 G-FFOX (Firefox), She is based at Cranfield

Originally built as an F.4, WV318 was delivered to 5MU at RAF Kemble on 16th June 1955. She served with 14 and 93 Squadrons, and an accident in March 1956 saw her returned to Hawkers for repairs. While with them she was instead converted to a T.7 and reissued to the RAF on 1st June 1959, seeing service with 111 Squadron and the Central Flying School before being converted to T.7A in 1964. Used as a trainer and hack by 74 and 5 Squadrons (both Lightning units), she began her Buccaneer days with 12 Squadron in February 1970 and went on to perform similar duties with 15 and 16 Squadrons RAFG, before ending up at Lossiemouth with 208 Squadron. When put up for disposal she was one of the last Hunters to serve with the RAF and just before she was retired she was painted black along with the other three Hunters at Lossiemouth to commemorate 40 years of the type and carried the 111 Squadron (Black Arrows) crest.

We uploaded have videos of her recent flights

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You can read more about the academy in the GAR magazine
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Please Contact Colin on 07984321850
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