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Group Flying - Glider Towing adid = 21765

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Light Aircraft, Shares & Groups | ?5000

Group Flying - Shenington Gliding Club Tug Group

Shenington Gliding Club will be revising its method of operating tug aircraft for 2012 and a group will be formed to operate the tugs within the existing Gliding Club environment.

The gliding club needs to ensure an adequate supply of tug aircraft and tug pilots - in return it can offer sufficient towing work to subsidise the costs of running the group. Shenington is near Banbury in north Oxfordshire, has hard and grass runways and operates all year round. There is a nice clubhouse and good facilities.

The group will initially have a Robin DR400 180HP with constant-speed propeller for 125 knot cruise and full fuel plus 4 seats with excellent short-field capability; plus a Chipmunk/Super Cub for tailwheel fun. Members will also have access to the SGC Slingsby Venture motorglider at ?48 per tacho hour. Instruction available for Tailwheel/C-S prop and motorglider class rating as well as PPL/NPPL revalidation.

Cost of a share is ?5000 plus ?35 per month which includes full membership of the gliding club and thus gives access to all gliding facilities such as glider hire and instruction. Flying time costs ?90 per hour for Robin/Cub/Chipmunk and ?48 per hour for motorglider. Gliders from ?15 per hour.

What do group members get for their ?5,000 investment?

1. Shared ownership of a fleet of aircraft offering variety.
2. Chance to have the costs of their flying partially offset by towing income.
3. Chance to get checked out as tow pilot.
4. Chance to do a good deed for the Gliding Club
5. Chance to learn to fly or add a rating to your licence in your own aircraft
6. Cheap aerotow retrieves at ?90 per hour (handy for glider pilots)
7. Cheap flying at ?90 per hour in a variety of aircraft.
8. Access to cheap motorglider at ?48 per tacho hour.
9. Chance to learn to glide.
10. Tailwheel/touring/aerobatic capability

Contact Mike Cuming on 07747 841348 or
Send mike cuming a Secure Message. Contact Details 07747841348
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