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Light Aircraft, For Sale

Pitts S2A

Exceptional cherished example, maintained
regardless of cost. Well known proven competition performer with outstanding track record.

New Engine 2004, total time: 400 Hours
Propeller (with new type hub): 218 Hours
Airframe total time 1796 Hours
Large bubble canopy. Hooker harnesses. Custom fitted cover. Rear aeroscreen attachment for open cockpit flying. Always hangared.

?42,000 + VAT

Please contact Neil Bigrigg - 01636 525318
Send Neil Bigrigg a Secure Message. Contact Details 01636 525318 Ask a Question

There is a question posted by an interested user

Q1 Dear Mr. Bigrigg, please send me more Information about your Pitts S2A. Why are you selling? Wehre is the plane based ? BR Robin Horstmann

A1 awaiting answer