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1/13 Share Piper Archer Ii, Wycombe Air Park ?3440 adid = 21961

Aviation Photo number 22517
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Light Aircraft, Shares & Groups

G-BGWM is a Piper Archer PA28-181 based out of Wycombe Air Park:

? New Paintwork, April 2005

? New Engine, December 2005

? New Undercarriage Upper Sections, 2007

? New Propeller 2009

? Dual Nav/Com with VOR/ILS/DME/RNAV ADF Garmin 430 & Auto Pilot. Transponder Mode C.

? Extra Equipment: 2 Passenger Headsets, 4 Lifejackets & a 4 Person Life raft, PLB, Cover.

? Hangered.

? Maintained by on airfield maintenance organisation

? Last Annual May 2011

Flying Rate ?95 per Tacho Hour wet, Monthly Rate ?90. (inc VAT)If you're interested and want to take a look/ introduction flight, contact, Ian on 07738 411990
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