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Superb Murphy Rebel For Sale adid = 22302

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Fly-in, For Sale, MURPHY REBEL | ?29950

Superb Murphy Rebel built by Norman Evans who has sadly passed away recently.
For sale with new LAA permit.
Engine 0-320-C2A, 291 hours. Sensenich Metal Prop. Airframe 265 hours. Fitted out as two seat tourer with floored fuselage for comfortable camping. Avionics Icom IC A200, Narco AT150 transponder, Narco AR850 encoder. Garmin GPS 295. Icom IC-A20 transceiver.
Hangared, Branscombe Airfield, Devon.
Beautiful aircraft. ?29950.
Contact either Mike on 01297 680360 or John on 01548842057
Send JUNE EVANS a Secure Message. Contact Details Mike on 01297 680360 or John on 01548842057 Ask a Question