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Vans Rv7/8 Replacement Qb Wing For Sale! adid = 22313

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Parts For Aircraft, For Sale | Vans, RV-7 or RV-8 | GBP3250 ono.

Offered for Sale or P/Ex avionics.

This is a Stardboard QB Wing RV7-8 that was damaged in transit as crate was ruptured during shipping.

Nature of damage, very slight dent approx 2.5cms long and approx 1/8th deep.located at lower leading edge and 2ft from outboard tip. Easily repaired by 'spooning' from interior, filled or replacement of outboard top skin.

*** Located in London.
*** Immediate collection.
*** Viewing welcomed,
*** Pictures available.*

*(Images do not easily reveal damage as so slight, but will be provided to serious parties)

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