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Hangar Clearout: Misc Parts, Piper Tomahawk/rallye adid = 22655

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Parts For Aircraft, For Sale, Rallye/Piper Tomahaw | ?500 o.n.o. for the lot

Hangar Clearout: I have various parts for sale. I would prefer to sell the items as one lot, but will take offers for single parts.
this lot includes:

  • 1 * Rallye engine cowl (white)

  • 1 * Piper Tomahawk engine cowl(blue/white)

  • 2 * Rallye wing tips

  • 2 * Piper Tomahawk wing tips (1 tip is damaged)

  • 1 * Piper Tomahawk flap

  • various wing tips

  • *buyer pickup only*
    located 10 mins south of Bristol
    Send Phil Parrett a Secure Message. Contact Details 01275472828 Ask a Question
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