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Share Of Rotorway Exec 162f Helicopter Dorset.. adid = 22721

Aviation Photo number 24017
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Helicopters, For Sale | Rotorway, Exec 162f | approx ?13,000

For Sale, 3rd Share in a rotorway exec 162f.I am based in Weymouth Dorset currently undertaking a PPL(h) course with the end gaol to own my own helicopter. I have decided that the rotorway exec 162f is the one for me.. I have purchased nothing yet but there are a few used examples availiable in the UK ranging from ?32K to ?46K..Im looking for other like minded pilots near the dorset area who would like to join me in purchasing one of these amazing machines.
Example of costs one off..
Purchase ?36,000 3rd share ?12,000
Type Rating ?1,100
Monthly Costs
Parking at Bournemouth ?150p/m 3rd share ?50
Annual Costs
Insurance ?1300 3rd share ?433.33
Annual Service ?900+vat 3rd share ?300
Caa Permit and airtest ?661 3rd share ?220.33

Fuel- 34 litres per hour..
Normal cruise - 95mph (83 knots)
Range- 180miles/2 hrs

And yes this is the helicopter in the chopper is born series..

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