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Share For Sale: Europa Tri-gear 914s Based Gamston adid = 22862

Aviation Photo number 24243
Views so far = 7980

Light Aircraft, Shares & Groups | Europa, Tri-gear

Looking to sell 1/2 share in my Europa Classic Tri-gear. Also prepared to accept offers for whole aircraft around ?38K

First flight 2000 but only 300 hours TT. Finished professionally. Always hangared. Permit just renewed in April.

Engine - 115hp Rotax 914S
Propellor - Arplast PV50 (Constant Speed)
Mods ? Completely up to date.
Skymap 111C GPS

Cruise 125kts at 18 litres/hour

Based at Retford Gamston, Notts.
Send Michael Powell a Secure Message. Contact Details Michael 07710082276
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