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Fournier Rf4 1/8th Share ?3000 Enstone adid = 22890

Aviation Photo number 24289
Views so far = 8625

Light Aircraft, Shares & Groups | Fournier, RF4 | ?3000

1/8 Share in Fournier RF4D for sale, based in own T Hangar at Enstone. Comes complete with group owned parachute. Professionally maintained by RF4 expert. Recently upgraded to 1400cc engine, new stainless steel exhausts, new ASI. Covered and Painted approx 2 years ago and still looking good. Permit just renwed and annual service just completed ready for summer.

Costs: ?35/month ?25/taco hour

Serious enquiries please call Dom on
07799 536276
Send Dom Cheater a Secure Message.
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