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Connel Flying Club Oban Fly In Sunday 5th June adid = 22916

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Fly-in, Clubs & training

OBAN AIRPORT : Sarurday 4th June 2016

Come and join us in experiencing this beautiful location.Our events in the past have attracted over sixty aircraft and kept us busy on the BBQ all afternoon. The weather for Saturday Is rain so now on Sunday 5th. Hope to see as many as can manage. -- safe flying.

SPECIALLY NEGOTIATED! Half price LANDING FEE at Oban Airport. Please advise the airport when phoning for PPR that you are coming for the fly-in to qualify.

Connel Flying Club will be providing:-
 Free barbeque from 11.30am.
 Free soft drinks, tea and coffee.

Phone Oban Airport for PPR on 01631 572 910 (essential and can be done on the day)

enquiries by email to

An out of hours indemnity can be purchased from the airport if wished and is not expensive - visit the Oban Airport website for more information on:-
Send dave whitelaw a Secure Message. Contact Details Connel Flying Club Ask a Question
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