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Jodel Dr200 1/5 Share Based At Enstone adid = 23017

Aviation Photo number 24489
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Light Aircraft, Shares & Groups | Jodel, DR200 | 4500

Jodel DR200 1/5 Share based in own hanger at Enstone.
1965, serial number 001
4 seats, 100kts cruise.
Extensive panel VOR, DME, ADF, Transponder
New C of A Jul 2014 by Oaskey
Currently 100 per month & 55 per tacho hour.
130L of fuel at 24L per hour
TT airframe 3150 TT engine 2520 TT engine since rebuild 320
Lycoming 0-235-K2B Engine totally rebuilt by Ronaldson Airmotive, Oxford
All aircraft logbooks since 1980.
See hanger in photo behind aircraft.
Very friendly group with internet booking and great availability.
Club facilities and fuel on site.
For more detailed info see article on this airframe at under ''articles'' then DR200 s/n 01
Contact Paul Finch: 07967 208245
Send paul finch a Secure Message. Contact Details 07967 208245