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Light Aircraft, Shares & Groups

North Weald Flying Group Based EGSX

The UK?s number one flying group now has vacancies for new members with the arrival of our new aircraft, C172 G-NWFS. Our fleet now consists of six aircraft for members to enjoy. Have all the benefits of flying without the capital outlay as well as the cost and hassle of aircraft ownership.

No minimum hours required to join. New PPLs welcome.

No restrictions on taking aircraft away.

Fly all six aircraft for one monthly membership fee of 65.00

In house examiner and instructors for IMC Ratings, licence renewals and further training.

Internet booking system. Book when you want where you want.

Active group fly outs & social calendar. Excellent availability on all aircraft.

C 152. G -LOMN 105.00 per tacho hour

C 172P G-NWFG 125.00 per tacho hour

C 172P G-NWFC 125.00 per tacho hour

C 172P G-NWFS 125.00 per tacho hour

C 150. G-NWFA 98.50 per tacho hour

C 172P G-NWFT125.00 per tacho hour

Archer 2 G-NUKA 145.00 per tacho hour

All rates quoted are wet and inclusive of VAT. One Tacho hour is = to 1 hour 15 mins flight time.

For further details drop in and see us at North Weald or visit our group website site.

For more information

Contact Paul Bazire

Tel; 01277 225209 or 07768 907252

Send Simon Lowman a Secure Message.