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Aircraft Spruce For Sale adid = 24019

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Parts For Aircraft, For Sale | open to offer

I have the following for sale:
1 No. 2.5" X 3" X 13' 2" long spruce plank
2 No. 3" X 0.75" X 13' 2" long spruce planed
2 No. 3" X five/sixteenth X 14' long spruce planed
1 No. 3" X 0.25" X 8' 8" long spruce planed
1 No. 3" X 1" X 11' 5" long Douglas Fir fine sawn
1 No. 3" X five/eights X 11' long Douglas Fir planed
1 No. 2.25" X 0.25" X 8' 3" long Douglas Fir planed

I also have a complete set of tail feathers for a Team Himax/Minimax built of douglas Fir / Oregon pine for disposal.
Send Maurice McKeown a Secure Message. Contact Details 07726947981

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