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Robinson R44 Raven Ii adid = 24072

Aviation Photo number 26447
Views so far = 3784

Helicopters, For Sale | Robinson, R44 RAVEN II | 0000

TT: 293

Serial No.: 11949

Avionics and Radios:King Ky196A Transceiver. Garmin GNC420w GPS/Comm. Garmin GTX330
Transponder with Traffic. K406 Kannad 406AF ELT. Artificial Horizon.
Directional Gyro. Turn Coordinator. NAT AA12S Audio Controller.9 Hole
Instrument Panel

Other Equipment:Bose Head sets. Air Conditioning. Bubble Tinted Windows. Digital Clock.
Searchlights with 130 amp Alternator

Interior:Gray Leather interior

Exterior:Sky blue with white tripe
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There is a question posted by an interested user

Q1 Hello is this aircraft still for sale if so could i please have a price thanks M Morris

A1 awaiting answer