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Brooklands Aviation Day (important Notice) adid = 24172

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Miscellaneous, Wanted | 29/09/2012

A very important message from Brooklands Museum has been forwarded to the BMAA. This is with regard to Aviation Day they are intending to hold this coming Saturday (29/09/2012). The Museum is concerned that the event is being mistaken for a fly-in and wishes to clarify that the event is not open to pilots by air. Anyone wishing to attend may only do so by arriving on foot or by car.

Here is the message received:

'Dear BMAA,
Further to my telephone call earlier today, I just wish to clarify and confirm that next Saturday?s event will hopefully form the basis for a future annual event which can then be increased in size and scope in future years. Due to various limitations on any flying operations here at Brooklands, we are not currently able to handle more than a very limited number of visiting aircraft on any single occasion and have already invited the maximum possible number of aircraft for this coming Saturday. A revised timetable for the event now appears on our website which does now state that all visiting aircraft are strictly by invitation only.

Please do inform any BMAA members who may have misunderstood our situation that unfortunately we cannot handle any other aircraft here on the day. However we are looking forward to hosting you and your colleagues with your exhibition stand and hopefully will be able to invite a few more microlights in future.

Yours sincerely,

Julian Temple,
General Manager - Museum Operations
Brooklands Museum'

So please help us to spread the word and to stamp out any misconceptions about this event. The Museum is situated within the Heathrow Class A zone, any infringements could be catastrophic and jeopodise the future of this event.

Please feel free to copy this message and post it onto the various forums and other social sites used by flyers.

Thanks for your help.
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