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Nppl, Ppl, Imc And Night Training. Aircraft Hire adid = 24222

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Light Aircraft, Clubs & training

PPL training, IMC and Night ratings available from three locations; CRANFIELD, HINTON AND SYWELL. Approved school, friendly instructors. Nice clubhouses, good classroom facilities, and a Pooleys pilot shop at each club.


7 x PA38s (G-BVHM, G-BODS, G-BPHI, G-BTJL, G-BGRX, G-BGGM and G-BGRR) (?140 hour dual, ?110 hour solo),
2 x PA28s- (DME, ADF, GPS, Autopilot,etc) ?140 dual, ?130 solo.
1 x Cessna 172, and 1 x PA28 Turbo Arrow 4.

Prices are fully inclusive of landing fees at Hinton or Sywell. Cranfield flights add ?12 landing fees.

Pay as you go.

Open 7 days a week at Hinton and Sywell. Ground school and weekend flying on demand from Cranfield.

Phone our Instructors Mossab, Martin, Keon, Sarah, or Donna or Chris for a chat on 01295 811119 or 01604 948976

Send Chris Alexander a Secure Message. Contact Details 01295 811119

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