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Dimona Motor Glider adid = 24284

Aviation Photo number 26869
Aviation Photograph 2
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Fly-in, Shares & Groups | Hoffmann, H 36 | Circa ?3000

Shares available in this super Touring Motor Glider.
May be flown on an NPPL as an SLMG. Friendly group (including F/I) based at Saltby Airfield near Grantham. Cruise at 80 kts at 10-12 litre/hour, 80 Litre tank so plenty of range or switch off the engine and fly for free! Limbach 80 HP engine with three position Hoffmann prop. Plenty of availability. Buyer would be required to join Buckminster Gliding Club( ?50/month maintenance charge and ?30/hour wet.
Share in Syndicate owned T hangar included in price
No need to move any other aircraft to get her out.
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