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Come To Chilbolton Flying Club , Hampshire adid = 24311

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Hangarage and Tie down space, Clubs & training

Chilbolton airfield, near Andover, Hampshire, is welcoming visitors and new members alike.

If you would like to visit, just check out airfield information website

and get yourself some info on how to find us and how to behave once you have! Landing fees are still just 3 pounds.

NOTE: if you intend to visit us please be aware that we are under Middle Wallop MATZ stub and that pilots are advised to call Middle Wallop (when they are active) on the way in to advise them that you are landing here. Then go over to Safetycom (135.475) and blind-call Chilbolton traffic and make the relevant calls around the circuit, etc. You may want to radio Middle Wallop gain before you take off to leave.

If you would like to stay longer, we have a few spaces available for tie down 3 axis aircraft, as well as for aircraft in trailers and de-rigged flexwings. Charges per month are:
Tie down parking 65 pounds
Weight shift shed (de rigged) 45 pounds
A/C de-rigged in trailer 45 pounds

Club membership is just 75 pounds a year.

If you would like to chat over the options a little more or have a few questions, just call the club chairman on 02380 778033
Send R McKie a Secure Message. Ask a Question

There is a question posted by an interested user

Q1 Hi Do you have any space left for a flex wing ? Regards Michael

A1 Yes we do, derigged wings and trikes in a large shed. Possibility for rigged wing tent outside. Let me know if you'd like more information Regards