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Larger aircraft, Shares & Groups | Cessna, Crusader t 303 | ?25,000

Based at East Midlands Airport a twin engined 6 seater IFR equipped, with De-Ice, Cessna T303. This is a very forgiving airplane with counter rotating props and a range of over 1,000 miles. This aiplane has all you will need and more to fly in saftey and comfort both locally and around Europe.

Equipent includes:-
Garmin 430.
garmin 210
S mode
Autopilot with glideslope
Weather Radar

The fuel burn is around 10 gallons per hour each engine and the monthly cost will be ?125 per month. Annual just completed.

Telephone me Carl Whiteley on 07974 941842 to discuss or arrange test flight etc.
Send Carl whiteley a Secure Message. Contact Details