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Zero To Hero Atpl Course ?9999.00!!!!!! adid = 24471

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Miscellaneous, Clubs & training

The cost of the Interegrated Cadet Programme is ?9990.00 including VAT.

The Interegrated Cadet Programme takes a student from zero hours through to 'frozen' ATPL, (Abington Town Public Library Card) including all regulatory flight training hours, full time ground school tuition for ATPL theoretical knowledge (using the new Sinclair ZX81, uniforms (t shirts rescued from the engineering shop, materials ( well tshirts are made of materials), flight tests, MCC (Marylebone Cricket Club fan club membership for 5 days) and JOC. ( copy of 1994 Journal of Organic Chemistry)

Items included in the fees are:
? Fully furnished accommodation for the planned duration of the course (delays due to cadet non-performance are extra) (in our caravan)
? Radio/Telephony licence
? JAA fees for all ground examinations
? Books, uniforms and Pilot Supplies. ( used copies of Mayfair, the t shirt and
? Licence issue fees ( fishing licence)
? Landing and Navigation charges ( Banbury canal only)
? Transportation to and from Academy during training (use of company pushbike when not in use by other student)
What Fleet do we use?
We have a good range of aircraft from Cirrus through Citations, Learjets, and even our own 1/8 scale Airbus A380. Batteries for the radio controller are extra and can be purchased from the pillocks shops. Aircraft are all in good order, and in case repairs are needed we hold a good stock of sticky back plastic and gaffer tape.
Safety of your Money
As so many flying schools in the past have gone tits up we have employed the most experienced aviation financial controllers. They have come from the likes of Cabair, PTC and Bonus Aviation.
As we run the catering contract for several of the airlines, we can guarantee you a job collecting road kill.
Simply send us the money, and we promise you will not be let down. We GUARANTEE you will get your ATPL card from us within a period of time. All enquiries please contact Zaffar Khan

On a serious note guys- there are some flight training organisations currently offering flying schools silly money for refering "rich" students to go and train in Florida.

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