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Vans Rv7 Share, Northamptonshire, 5 Mins From M1. adid = 24730

Aviation Photo number 32763

This is a featured advert. Views so far = 14390

Light Aircraft, Shares & Groups | Vans, RV-7 | ?12,000

Shares avaliable in a lightly used RV-7 180hp

New group formed in Northamptonshire (close to M1 J15)

Private Hangar on farm strip

Online booking system

Airframe 60hrs

Engine 60hrs after rebuild

Very light build and well maintained A/C

Cruise at 160mph at 25ltr PH

UL91 approved

Great to fly

Monthly ?45

Hourly ?15 dry (appx ?65 wet)

Share ?12,000

Contact Clark Stanley or Kevin Walton at Please email your tel no in your first contact.

Send Kevin Walton a Secure Message. Contact Details