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Flying Suit & Microlight Helmet - Derbys Sold adid = 25013

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Clothing, For Sale

Selling my BlueSkyBlue winter flying suit, in nearly new condition, size medium. Bought two years ago for ?125 and has had around 10 hours use since.

Also selling my MicroAvionics helmet, also size medium, in original bag. This is also in good condition, there are a few scratches on the top of the helmet but it's otherwise sound. (Ignore the dark patch in the photo, this is my cameraphone being dodgy rather than a fault with the helmet!)

?80 flying suit
?50 helmet
?120 for both

The balaclava is free to the first purchaser.

Reason for sale: family commitments mean I've had to give up the flying game.

Thanks for looking, feel free to contact me with any questions. Craig
Send Craig Murd a Secure Message. Contact Details 07714243119 Ask a Question
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