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Training, For Sale

We would start our flight from Bournemouth depart to the north east to Stoney cross VRP then switch frequency to Southampton. We would request a zone transit over Southampton airfield then route eastwards towards Billinghurst VRP near Gatwick switch freq to Gatwick control and request a zone transit direct over gatwick at 1000ft ( which Tthe views of Gatwick is a amzing). Then route north then switching again to Biggin hill fly over biggin hill at 1700ft. Straight after we switch to Thames Radar for London city. We request a transit either over London city or via the isle of dogs (canary wharf ).Still north bound, we then fly near the Olympic park.

At this point we can decide if we are needed of a brake if so we land at Panshangar airfield for a brake. Afterwards we speak to Luton Radar, then routing south west bound to speak to Heathrow special to get a special VFR transit either near Northolt or round denham airfield and leaving zone over white waltham. After this it becomes pretty relax with a transit through farnborough and oldiham and Boscome matz then back to Bournemouth.

Note !
This not a instruction flight. All pilots must be current on Type of PA28 and the Pilot is in command of flight not the Mentor!

email for details
Send james lea a Secure Message. Contact Details 07812521645

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