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Learn To Fly From Only ?85 Flexwing + ?95hr 3 Axis adid = 25351

Aviation Photo number 34242
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Three-axis Microlights, Instruction, Thruster T600N | ?95

Make 2014 the Year you "Learnt to fly"

Barry Hall will teach you in either the Thruster T600N as seen in the picture above for only ?95 per hour or a GT450 for just ?85 per hour.

Any trial lesson or pleasure flight can also be arranged to meet your requirements, please ring Barry for a competitive quote, 07932818516

Enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Fylde coast/Morecambe bay and the relaxed, friendly flyers at the "Bay Flying Club" Cockerham, Lancashire.

This is a short video of the GT450 you will learn on.

Please ring Barry Hall for further details and a friendly chat, 07932818516
Send mick lomax a Secure Message. Contact Details 07932818516 Ask a Question
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