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Parting Out 1999 Piper Pa 28-161 adid = 25419

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Parts For Aircraft, For Sale

We are currently parting out a Piper PA28-161.

Parts currently available.
L/H Wing Assy (Less Fuel Tank ) P/N 38643-004
R/H Wing Assy (Less Fuel Tank, Has Slight damage ) P/N 38643-005
Vertical Fin P/N 66975-004
Rudder. P/N 65342-002
Horizontal Stab and tabs. P/N 68426-000
L/H Aileron Assy P/N 35640-000
R/H Aileron Assy P/N 35640-001
L/H Flap P/N 65591-000
L/H Landing Gear Assy P/N 65492-006
R/H Landing Gear Assy P/N 65492-005
L/H Wing tip Inc Nav lights/Strobes P/N 36739-040
R/H Wing tip Inc Nav lights/Strobes P/N 36739-041
Stabilator Tips P/N 63584-016
Fin Top fairing Inc Strobe assy P/N 99035-003
Rudder Top fairing inc nav light P/N36789-848
Complete Original Interior in Gray - Seats/carpet/side walls trims etc.

For more details please get in contact, we can provide pictures and further information if required.

Thanks alot!
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