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Ca?del Conte Airstrip & Hotel adid = 25593

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Hangarage and Tie down space, To Rent | CA? DEL CONTE


The Airfield of Ca? Del Conte is certified as a General Aviation Runway and Heliport. We offer touristic flights with certified passenger transport companies and parachute dropping!

Coordinates: 44 ? 52.02 N / 09 ? 56.30 E

Radio Frequency: 130.00

Abbreviation: PC06-7

Position relative to the nearest city center: 5 km west of Alseno

City: Alseno, Location: Cortina

Orientation track: 01/19

Runway length: 720 meters (2,000 feet), width 40 meters (110 feet)

Elevation: 156 m (436 feet)

Landing Surface: Grass

Circuit: Right 01/19 Left

The track in use is generally 01 and it is on a slight downward slope.

Reference SOS: Red Cross Fiorenzuola d?Arda, Phone (+39) 0523 989600

Working days: all days. Since we are positioned inside the CTR of Piacenza International Airport, which is inactive on Saturday and Sunday, during the Weekend ACCESS IS FREE without calling Approach. During the week, it is necessary to ask permission to Piacenza Approach: LIMS_APP, Frequency 123.30. Piacenza Tower, instead, is 134.25
Management Company: Ca ?del Conte Srl.


The exclusive country bed & breakfast Ca? del Conte was created in the year 2000 by Count Guido Pietro Paolo Guidi and his wife Monica Bonetti.
As a known Grand Cavalier and Pilot, the Count elaborated the theme


which is a great way to define this earthly paradise.
This concept gave the basis for the realization of a dream which came true in the contryside of the hillsides of Piacenza, in an area where Via Francigena hit the crossroads with the Templars forest.
The serenity, magical atmosphere and historical hospitality for those crusaders heading to Rome, can still be felt today in the air at this country site.

Special rates for Pilots visiting Airfield & Hotel

Daily Room rates from ?50 single - ?120 double all year round.
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