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1 Hour Introductory Flexwing Simulator Session ?25 adid = 25745

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Weightshift Microlights, Instruction | ?25.00

***************** Special offer********************
Valid until the end of April 2013
Makes a great Present!!

1 Hour Simulator flight on our dedicated flexwing simulator at Microlight flights & Lessons Netherthorpe airfield Nr Worksop Notts

The session will start with a pre flight briefing which will introduce you to the various controls and parts of a flexwing microlight aircraft then its on to the simulator where you will take exercice 4 (effects of the controls) from the BMAA syllabus then we will fly a course around the local area then back to the airfield for a standard overhead join, circuit then land. We will then set up for a take off do the circuit then land.

Usually by the end of the session the participant can take off fly the circuit and land the aircraft on the simulator.

Tea, Coffee and light refreshments included.

This session cannot be used as part of the hours required to gain your licence but will give you a good introduction to flying a flexwing microlight. We also use the simulator for students to practice in flight drills and procedures this saves time in the air and allows students to gain their licence quicker.

for further details call 07515 517813 or 01909 530533.
Send Peter Ensinger a Secure Message. Contact Details 07515 517813 Ask a Question
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