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Summer Outside Parking In Devon adid = 25990

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Hangarage and Tie down space, Clubs & training

Do you live outside the South West? Are you thinking of moving to the South West? WHY SPEND A FORTUNE PARKING OUTSIDE IN THE SOUTHEAST. BASE AT EAGLESCOTT FROM 1st May UNTIL 31st August FOR ONLY ?200 FOR SUMMER MEMBERSHIP TO INCLUDE UNLIMITED LANDINGS & OUTSIDE PARKING. Is your aircraft for sale? Park it at Eaglescott for only ?1 per day until it's sold. Members pay the following rates for HANGARAGE AT EAGLESCOTT? FOR ONLY ?120p/m FOR EUROSTAR/EUROPA SIZED AIRCRAFT OR ?150p/m FOR CUB/CITABRIA, ?180p/m for PA28-C172's etc.
(At present our hangars are full with members aircraft. You may apply to join a waiting list for Hangarage).
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