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Marianne Two-seat Glider adid = 26005

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Gliders, For Sale | Marianne, Serial Number / type | 16.800 ?

MARIANNE two-seat-glider
Year of manufacturing: 1988
Number of flight hours: 4994
Number of flights: 5100
Serial Number / type: 201B073
Instruments: Standard instruments back and front (altimeter, speed, mechanical variometer)
E-Vario: Cambridge
Radio: Becker 4201
Equipped for aero-tow and winch-launch
Gelcoat in good condition
Ideal two-seat glider for TRAINING
Location: St. Auban / France
Price: 16.800,- EURO

Contact Christoph Ritter
(Languages: German, English, Francais)

Mobile: +33 675 23 88 44
Office: +33 492 62 63 47

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