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Shoreham Cessna 172 Shares For Sale adid = 26025

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Light Aircraft, Shares & Groups | Cessna, F172H | £1500

Light Aircraft, Shares & Groups | Cessna, F172H

Due to changing personal circumstances there are a couple of shares for sale within this well established group. The five per cent flying group operates G-AWUZ, a Cessna F172H out of Shoreham. Booking via Internet and good availability despite having 20 members in the group (average is about 150 hrs per year total across the group). Aircraft is hangared.

The aircraft was built in 1969 and now has around 5600 TT airframe and 1200TT hours engine (zero time changed in 2009). Prop was overhauled 2017 (next due Oct 2023). Interior upgraded with leather seats and new belts 2012. Annual check completed July 2019. ARC now valid till June 2020.

The aircraft is IFR equipped with upgraded Avionics. Two GNC255A 8.33 nav/com (one with GS), KN64 DME, KR87 ADF, GTX330 Mode S transponder with altitude encoder and a GMA340 audio panel. A Garmin GPS296 is also available for use.

Monthly charge is £70 to cover insurance, hangarage and parking. Hourly charge is £30 dry and invoiced monthly. Fuel consumption is around 25 - 30 litres per hour depending on mission. Landing fees, any Nav charges and fuel are paid by members at the time. Minimum 100 hours total SEP but lower experience may be negotiated with insurers.

Further queries to Jim McKenna on 01444235006 / 07795661668 or e-mail for further details.
Send a Secure Message. Contact Details 01444235006

There is a question posted by an interested user

Q1 Hello Is this share still available?

A1 Hi there are currently a few shares up for sale for various reasons. Please call and I will give you the details. Jim 01444235006

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