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ShadowAir Ltd. focused on providing state-of-the-art leasing, sales, consulting and operational services regarding airborne Image Defined Measurement and Signature Intelligence (IDMASINT) & Intelligence/ Surveillance/Reconnaissance (ISR) platforms.

We manufacture and deliver turnkey Asset Systems including aircraft, storage, transportation and communication systems to each Customer and Client. Our particular area of expertise is utilization of manned and dual mode Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) in engine-off glider mode for highly covert surveillance and interdiction missions.

Very discreet missions can be made (in engine-off "glider mode") as our 5-second engine re-start capability and electric backup propulsion system provide ample safety margins for silent glider ops. We maximize and capitalize upon the element of surprise to provide a better, safer and more cost-effective solution to address airborne IDMASINT, ISR, and weaponized interdiction needs.

One very unique feature of our aircraft is that they can be quickly disassembled, shipped or airlifted via standard container, and rapidly redeployed at destination.

Our group includes other highly experienced personnel with similar military and law enforcement backgrounds. We have direct access to a pool of former/retired SOG, military and law enforcement professionals who are available for deployment worldwide.

The group provides leasing, sales, consulting and operational services for state-of-the-art Image Defined Measurement And Signature Intelligence (IDMASINT) and Intelligence / Surveillance / Reconnaissance (ISR) assets.

Our 5 Manned and "Dual-Mode" Aircraft Systems Include:

1- Observer: Manned platform designed for budget-conscious law-enforcement agencies and news media outlets.

2- Osprey: Manned platform ideal for scientific research and fast-tracking UAS development programs.

3- Talon: Manned or optional "Dual-Mode" platform designed for Medium-Altitude Long-Endurance (MALE) surveillance and threat interdiction missions.

4- HAVOC: A turnkey system of three "Dual-Mode" Talon UAS platforms and one Ground Control Station (GCS) equipped to provide persistent situational awareness & threat interdiction.

5- HABU: Works designs and integrates technologically superior solutions capable of providing persistent situational awareness and threat interdiction worldwide. Team HABU develops unique and comprehensive system packages as per Client specifications.

We design for your success!

Our Special Services Division (SSD) provides covert air/ground surveillance teams for deployment worldwide. SSD also acts as liaison for executive protection and transportation services furnished by our select group of service providers.

ShadowAir can provide complete Security & Surveillance to Nuclear Power Plants, Refineries, Atomic Reactors Sites, Gas Pipelines and many other Sensitive Areas for Civilian & Borders Intelligence as well as Environmental Monitoring, Patrolling, Research, Development & Geographical Mapping are most prominent expertise of us.

Our motto perhaps says it best of all: "To Protect & Serve From Above". We will deliver, what we commit !

Umer Manzoor
V.P. Business Development

ShadowAir LTD.
Airborne ISR Solutions
300 Center Street, Suite G-214
Superior, CO 80027

Tel No. +1-888-731-3092 (Toll-Free)
+1-303-731-3092 (Direct)
Fax No. +1-888-731-3092
DUNS:146670778 CAGE Code: 3UXD5
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