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Share In Skyranger Syndicate, Old Warden, ?2,000 adid = 26245

Aviation Photo number 30450
Views so far = 5559

Three-axis Microlights, Shares & Groups | Best Off | 2000

I'm reluctantly selling my 1/6 share in this Skyranger 582, due to moving abroad for a while.

  • Great airfield and hanger
  • ?65 per month / ?10 per hour
  • Underutilised aircraft - fly far and often
  • Transponder, GPS and AWARE
  • Airfield restaurant and vintage aircraft hub

    This is an excellent opportunity for flying a 3-axis microlight with Transponder, Garmin, and AWARE from an excellent location at a very affordable price, in a friendly and supportive syndicate.

    We have a corner with space for the aircraft plus tools in one of the newer hangers at Old Warden, which of course is home to the Shuttleworth collection and always has plenty going on, as well as a full restaurant for a comfortable breakfast before / tea afterwards. Old Warden is near Biggleswade, and a few minutes from the A1.

    Costs are:
    - ?65 a month by Standing Order, which includes hangerage, insurance, servicing, and periodic costs
    - ?10 an hour dry, covering engine fund, etc. (Bring your own Fuel & 2-stroke oil, used at 12 l/hr, and fill up at end of flight)

    Availability is excellent - currently only around 10-20 hours/month utilised, and some members work shifts and can fly weekdays, so you'll likely get the slots you want. With the transponder and running costs, we can travel further afield, and afford to do it often, too.

    There are power and antenna fittings for GPS, AWARE, etc - BYO or use the syndicate's. Tools, lifejackets, flight suits are available for longer trips away; G-CCDW does Fly UK every year, Icicle most years. The 582 is a 2-stroke, but the lighter weight permits more fuel/load for trips away, and 70mph and big windows means you get to enjoy the view :-)

    Click the link to email me; I'm abroad most of the time, but I can put you in touch with one of the other owners for a visit.
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