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Rv4 Share At Wellesbourne adid = 26285

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Light Aircraft, Shares & Groups | Vans, RV4 | 8K

Vans RV4 G. BVLR
Lycoming 0.320 160 hp 0 SMOH. New pistons, heavy wall gudgeon pins, all new bearings. Crank AD and all other AD''''''''s complied with.Now upgraded to dual PMag 114. Sealed plenum cooling system. New Sensenich FP metal prop.

Instruments.... extended panel with standard 6 pack, g meter, 4 channel egt/cht, Mode S transponder. Wired in Bose headsets/ plugs for standard jacks as well. Garmin GPS 496 front and 296 rear. PTT and trim control on front and rear sticks, rear seat rudder pedals. Strobes and landing lights.Now fitted with 833 radio.

Seats.. the best, Oregon Aero set up for 5''''''''09 pilot but with alternative seats can accommodate 6 foot plus pilots. Two parachutes owned by group for when aeros cleared.

I expect flying costs to be about 60 per hour wet and ground fees about 60 pcm.

LR handles beautifully, 165mph cruise at 2400 rpm and a rock steady approach speed of 65 to 70 mph. Climb solo 1500 fpm plus.Now has full permit and approx 35hrs on the clock.

LR has now been flying for 2 years and is underused but a joy to fly. She has just has had £3K upgrade with New PMags an KRT2 8.33 transceiver, so other than routine maintenance there is nothing big to do on her. However, I will continue to upgrade her as when funds permit

Steve 07779311769
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There is a question posted by an interested user

Q1 I see the advert is a few months old. Is there still a share opportunity in this aircraft?

A1 awaiting answer