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Druridge Bay Fly In 2017 13th August 2017 adid = 26296

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, For Sale

Northern Aviators will once again organise this increasingly popular aviation event. Come and join the fun at Druridge Bay Bay Fly in Northumberland! All for a good cause. We are 30 metres from the beach!!!

Great location and great fun!

No Landing fee just a donation of your choice to our charity
BBQ and breakfast
Fuel Runs (Mogas only)
AVGAS at Eshott (4 miles away)
Beautiful location only a few yards from 7 mile beach of outstanding beauty
Druridge Country Park 300 metres away.

You can register to attend on the website below

This is a short video of the event

For more details see our website below
Send a Secure Message. Contact Details druridgeflyin(at)

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