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1/9th Share Pa28-151 Based At Elstree. adid = 26318

Aviation Photo number 30538
Views so far = 6456

Light Aircraft, Shares & Groups

1/9th share available in N2929W a PA28-151 based at Elstree.

The group is very well established with truly excellent availability at weekends and weekdays which is managed through an online booking system. I am one of the main users.

Key features:
- Airframe has circa 5900 hrs
- Engine about 1200hrs
- Recent Piper paint scheme
- 2 x Com with 4 place intercom
- 4 x lifejackets
- Full airways (FM Immunity) incl RNAV, slaved HSI, 2 x VORs / ILS, ADF and DME
- fresh annual

The aircraft can be flown on a UK licence.

Share available for ?2,250, ?46 per month and ?37 per dry tacho hour.

For more details I can be contacted on dnewton20 [@] or 07838 187 435.
Send David Newton a Secure Message. Contact Details David Newton 07838 187435 Ask a Question