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Cirrus Std. G81 adid = 26369

Aviation Photo number 30667
Views so far = 19594

Gliders, For Sale | Producer VTC, Cirrus Std. G81 | 14500

Cirrus Std. G81

S/N 260, Built in 1983, Producer VTC
Airworthiness specification EASA.SAS.A.097_Standard_Cirrus_G81_issue09
Maintenance under TS SNA CAMO.001
After annual inspection, ARC 14.4.2014

Flight time 2557h54min / 1200 starts

Glider is in very nice condition. Always in private hands. New electrical installation, hoses installed and new interior in 2011. Two battery installation. Built in cables for Colibry, ipaq 4700 and GPS antenna. Full history documented.

1 x Altimeter 4 FGH 10 Winter
1 x Airspeed indicator 6 FMS 3 Winter
1 x Variometer 5 StVM 5 Winter
1 x Electrical Variometer CMP-IHO Cambride
1 x Push-Pull and integrated vario Cambride
1 x Compass C2300 Airpath
1 x ELT AK 450Ameriking
1x TE probe in fin 600mm ILEC

Radio: EMF VHF 300 Serial Number 558
Trailer: FRANCIS 1996

1x Towswitch Tost E 75
2 x Battery 12 V, 9,5 Ah.
1 x Battery Recharger
1 x Dust cover for canopy, wings and stabilazor
1 x Taildolly
1 x Wing dolly
1 x Parachute

Price 14.500,-E
Do not hesitate to contact me for more pictures, scanned documents, details, ...
Send Andrej Zelem a Secure Message.
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