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Flexwing Hangar For Sale At Otherton, Sold adid = 26535

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Hangarage and Tie down space, For Sale | ?600 ono


A superb microlight flying base just next to the M6 near Penkridge.

Fed up with hangar rash and moving half a dozen planes out of the way to get yours out from the back? Save yourself the stress and get your own individual hangar with your own door key at an affordable price.

?Secure lockable steel doors
?Steel roof and cladding
?Insulated floor
?Tidy both inside and outside
?Approx 11M x 4M (suitable for larger flexwings like Blades stored wing-off)

Will also sell with wing trolley fitted with pulley system for easy single handed flexwing rigging.

?600 ONO (without wing trolley)
?800 ONO (including the easy-rig wing trolley)

Hangar cannot be removed from Otherton, and new owner would need to become a member of Staffordshire Aero Club (?28/year). Ground rent is ?30/month, and flying fees are currently ?320/year. This all averages out at just ?59 per month in total.

I also use the phone number below for business, so if you get my work voicemail please still leave me a message or a text and I'll get back to you.

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