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Unknown Aircraft Wheel Spats - Identify Or Buy? adid = 26697

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Hi Everyone,

I found two light aircraft wheel Spats in the garage of the house I moved into. I don't want to just throw them away them as they seem in pretty good condition, a bit dirty but someone might be able to use them. See links below for two pictures of them.

Can anyone help me to identify the make or style of them? I could put them on ebay for sale if I knew what to call them or maybe someone could use them and can make me an offer on here? I could post them and would have to work it out but estimate the postage to be around ?22 or collection from Chingford, London.

Any help in identifying what they are called would be most appreciated as I am not a light aircraft expert by any means!

Let me know your email and I can send you more photos if you wish.



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