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Various Champion Spark Plugs For Sale Very Cheap adid = 27027

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Parts For Aircraft, For Sale | Champion, Read Description

Hello and welcome, I have various Champion spark plugs for sale (used) these range from;

RHB37E and
RHB36S ... All of the above are used, some only for a few hours! aesthetically some like brand new others have the wear and tear although been cleaned on the wire wool. All of the spark plugs have been gapped correctly and tested on a champion spark plug tester all in working order.

for pictures feel free to ask and advised to. Any questions e-mail me on or leave a message on my mobile 07960084852. the price of these spark plugs are very cheap and wont be around for long all of which i'm selling for half of the RRP price if not less! grab yourself a bargain.
thanks, Steve.
Send stephen doherty a Secure Message. Contact Details 07960084852 Ask a Question

There is a question posted by an interested user

Q1 Please forward photos and advise the price inclusive of shipping for Qty 12 Champion REM40E. Delivery Post code NR6 5AY. Thanks, George

A1 awaiting answer

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