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Icicle 2018 - Enstone adid = 27919

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that time of year again... Nothing else going on, Christmas is out of the way and you are looking to go camping in sub zero temperatures. This is the event for you, format is simple and the same for the last 13 years - flyin on Saturday, pitch your tent next to your aircraft, walk to the nearby pub, eat, drink and be entertained by the quiz, sleep in your tent, fly home Sunday.
Quiz has fantastic prizes on offer. Everyone normally wins something, could be a Mars bar for having a pink trike, or the longest beard, biggest tent - you get the idea. For 2018 we are very grateful to Enstone flying club (north side grass) for their hospitality

Its a great airfield, long tarmac runway £10 or north side grass£5, not much traffic, friendly club members, warm clubhouse and nice toilets. Normal landing fee applies. Fuel available by prior arrangement. Airfield plate will be available nearer the time.

Let me know if you plan to come Past years have seen between 42 and 15 aircraft and crews attend from the BMAA or LAA fleet. Remember camping only and the Icicle is a weekend event not a daily flyin, we welcome anyone who brings a tent.....

See you there, only if you are hard of course!!!
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Q1 Hi Roger, I have visited the FB page but how do I know if I have registered ? Kind Regards, Brian ( Bumble ) Finch G-KTTY ( SVMC )

A1 just send me an email Brian and i'll add you to the mailing list cheers

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