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**sold** Grob 115b adid = 28082

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Light Aircraft, For Sale | Grob, 115B | ?27,000 no VAT

Grob 115B total hours 1925. Equipped with a Lycoming O-320-D3G engine giving 160 Hp this aircraft cruises at 120 knots easily for a fuel burn of around 30 liters an hour. Cleared for night and flight in IMC with very stable handling and vice-less stall characteristics this aircraft is a secret gem! All composite in construction and with a full Cambrai cockpit cover this aircraft can be kept outside. One of the cheapest C of A aircraft to maintain due to lack of structure to corrode and all push rod flying controls. Comfortable to fly with good visibility, easy to fly with nice handling and good cross wind performance, can also be operated from a farm strip. Equipped with Radio, VOR, ADF, Transponder and GPS and electric flaps. Contact Swiftair Maintenance Ltd to arrange a viewing or test flight. For sale on behalf of owner.
Send Mark Davies a Secure Message. Contact Details 0116 259 3629