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1/4 Share Sting Tl 2000 Carbon Fibre 600 Kilo adid = 28108

Views so far = 5740

Fly-in, Shares & Groups, Sting TL 2000 S3 | ?13,750

Equity group forming around this Aircraft based at Nottingham Tollerton airport. The aircraft (G-CGLZ) is currently listed for sale on Afors. 75% of the group has been formed and we are looking for one more member to complete our group. Please see the original advert for aircraft details, and contact me directly if you wish to get involved. ?13,750 for a 1/4 share.

?80-?90 per month and ?6 per hour dry

Regards Chris (0777 075 11 44) ..
Send Chris Bruce a Secure Message. Contact Details 0777 075 1144
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