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Flexiform Striker Mainair Tri-flyer 330 adid = 28129

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Fly-in, For Sale | Mainair Sports / Fle, Tri-Flyer 330 | ?500

Please phone me with your email address if you would like some photos of this microlight sent to you, or look on ebay where you will find it listed.

For sale is my father's old microlight which has been dry-stored and unused for the last 23 years. It is in remarkably good condition and I am sure it would be very straightforward to get it repaired, certified and returned to flight.

G - MJRK is a Flexiform Striker Mainair Tri-Flyer, first registered on 14th January 1983 by a private individual living in Salisbury. He only kept it for 9 months and sold it to my father on 14th September 1983

The manufacturer was Flexiform Skysails & Mainair Sports Ltd

Engine: Fuji Robin 333, Model: EC34PM

The registration was cancelled by the CAA on 4th February 1992

My father and uncle are still the registered owners as listed on the CAA website and I am selling it on behalf of them. My original intention was to get the engine running before sale but we are now going to be moving house in a few weeks and I won't have time to work on it, so I am selling it for spares or repair.

You would not think it was 30 years old to look at it, tyres still hold air, wing is in immaculate condition, it really is quite suprising and a testament to how well it was stored. My father was a commercial aircraft engineer his entire career so he knew what he was doing.

There are a number of spare parts including a prop, compass, altimeter and some lengths of aluminium tubing which were for a modification to the wing structure, so would need to be fitted to get certification. This modification was neccessary as there were some safety issues with the wing in unmodified form.

Work required:

New air filters
replace all fuel lines
clean carbs
replace propshaft pulley
replace prop belts
replace engine oil
replace spark plug/lead

The engine is not seized, it turns freely and was running perfectly when stored.

Any questions please ask and I will do my best to answer, I can provide many more photos if required.

The Microlight is currently stored in Farnham, Surrey, for transportation purposes the wing is about 20ft long when folded, so you'll need something pretty big, I hired a 7.5 ton truck when I collected it from my uncle's place and that was fine, it would probably go in a LWB Sprinter but you'd have to measure the van first to be sure.
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