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Zenith Ch250 Zenair Project adid = 28161

Aviation Photo number 33936
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Parts For Aircraft, For Sale | Zenith, Zenair | ?2000

Zenair CH250 rebuild project or break for spares.
This aircraft was an insurance write off that seems too good to scrap. Needs new wings (originals may be repairable) and fuselage repair. Much easier than starting from scratch!
Complete with all instruments and avionics. Good Cleveland wheels, brakes etc. Lots and lots of useful spares.
All drawings, build information, log books and documentation included.
Very good Lycoming 0320 available seperately.
Located Shenington, Nr Banbury.
?2000. Ono.
Ben Cox 07760 366570. Benrcox(at)googlemail(dot)com
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