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Bailey 4v-200 Paramotor adid = 28305

Aviation Photo number 34191
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Foot launched, Powered Hang Gliders, For Sale | Bailey | ?3200 ono

This paramotor has about 80 hours of airtime, and is in excellent condition. It has a custom fuel tank built by Bailey to incorporate a fuel-level sensor. This is connected to an electronic gauge that can sit on a flight deck or be tucked into one of the side pockets - really useful for long cross-country flights. The harness is in excellent condition and a decent set of Gin karabiners is included. All buckles are secure and reliable. I have fitted a stirrup, which makes it a lot less fuss getting settled into the seat after take-off. It has mid hang points, adjustable on one side to offset torque.

It has a brand-new Helix 1.3m prop, which has never been flown, and an older prop, both with neoprene storage covers, as well as extra covers that can be fitted if the prop is left on the motor. Quick-detach prop option is fitted. The cage and all fittings are in good condition.

This four-stroke engine is a different ball-game from the two-stroke engines used in most paramotors. Although it?s a bit heavier, the eleven-litre tank gives a flying time of up to five hours, and with electric start gives low running costs, long flight time, good performance and excellent reliability. The engine has never missed a beat in the time I?ve had it. It has been recently serviced, so is ready to go. All the fuel lines are good, still flexible with no chafing. The battery is good, and still holds its charge well.

The cage is titanium, so is very strong but light. All stringing is in good condition and the straps are mostly near-perfect, with one strap that is in fair condition but serviceable. It has a standard Bailey cage bag, in good condition.

Also included with the sale is a spare exhaust.

Not included in the price but can be negotiated separately, I have a Gin flight deck with Evo Cross square 160kg emergency chute, with maillons and bridle. I also have a Gin Bolero 4 wing, with paramotor rating to 130kg total (80-100kg for paragliding), Independence paragliding harness with a second Evo reserve fitted, and some other bits and pieces.

I have loved flying this setup and am going to miss it, but am selling it to move on to microlight flying.

Happy to answer any questions.

Ray Wilkinson
07967 268998
Hatfield, Hertfordshire
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