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Hour Building, Northweald Essex adid = 29002

Aviation Photo number 35496

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Light Aircraft, Clubs & training


Are you looking to build flying hours towards your commercial licence?

Are you looking for affordable hour building?

Are you looking for well maintained good quality aircraft to build hours in?

Then look no further you have found us North Weald Flying Group offer the following aircraft Dedicated for hour builders,

Cessna 150 G-NWFA New engine, new paint job, New interior, immaculate aircraft inside and out yours to hire for ?98.50 per tacho hour no restrictions on where you go and how long for, Hassle free affordable Flying.

For further details drop in and see us at North Weald or visit our group website site.

For more information

Contact Paul Bazire

Tel; 01277 225209 or 07768 907252

Send Simon Lowman a Secure Message.