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Piper Pa-28-180 1/10 Share. adid = 29166

Aviation Photo number 35786
Aviation Photograph 1
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Light Aircraft, Shares & Groups | 750

Due to relocation i am selling my share in this fantastically run Aircraft.
G-AYEF is a very well maintained aircraft with excellent availability and is well suited to new PPLs or the more experienced.

Superb for touring due to the more powerful 180hp engine.

Based at Manchester Barton,
Hangared in a prime spot with great access.
Leather interior and superb paintwork.
2 VORS, one with glideslope, ADF, DME, 2 radios, transponder,
4-point intercom.

80 per month and 90 per hour wet.

Need to sell as i just have relocated and have not flown in over a year offers considered around 750

Please feel free to contact me if you require any more information 07432 501034
Send Alex Montgomery a Secure Message.