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Carrickmore Fly-in Weekend 24-25th May 2014 adid = 29569

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Fly-in, For Sale

Hi Folks,

Carrickmore Flying Club near Omagh in N. Ireland are running a fly-in event on Saturday 24 - Sunday 25th May 2014.

Carrickmore Flying Club is situated near Omagh in N. Ireland.

Airfield details are as follows:

2 NM S of Carrickmore, co-ordinates:
N 54:34.276
W 007:02.654

Freq: 129.825
Elev: 541ft

RW 08/26

Length: 375 x 5 metres (plus 105 metre run-off area at 26 end of the runway)

All circuits are performed to the north of the field so it's a left-hand circuit on RW 08 and a right-hand circuit on RW 26.

Pilots familiar with STOL operations welcome.

Landmarks which may be useful to you are a windfarm with 12 turbines to the SW and a second windfarm with 7 turbines which is situated just to the south of the strip in the deadside area. There is also quarry on short finals to RW 26 at around 500 feet.

For those of you who may have further to travel here are some suggestions for local guesthouses, etc in the local area. Camping is also available at the strip for those that like to get close to the elements! ... 24&bih=644 ... e%2C+Omagh

sluggan cottages - Google Search ... 64%2C19478

Discover Northern Ireland

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

C-More Flying Club

PPR Tel: 07748 836773
Send Ian Thompson a Secure Message. Contact Details 07748 836773
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